The Origination Platforms BrokeredIn, is an easy-to-use, state of the art platforms that allows brokers, realtors, residential bankers and professionals to originate live quotes on commercial mortgages, residential investment and business loans.

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Some of the lenders and commercial bankers listed in our platform are direct correspondents for some of the largest institutional investors in the world, including life insurance companies, capital market conduits and pension funds. Most of these companies provide multi-billion dollar asset and portfolio management services for these capital providers.

Also, some of these correspondents are, Fannie Mae DUS® (Delegated Underwriting and Servicing) lenders, Freddie Mac Multifamily Approved Sellers/Servicers and are active participants in FHA-insured loan products as a MAP-approved multifamily lender and a LEAN-approved health care lender.


All rates, programs are subject to change at any time. Pricing adjustments will be based on loan size, cash flow, property conditions, credit indicators and final underwriting. This information is intended for real estate and lending professionals only and not intended for use by the general public or consumer use as defined under section 226.24 of Regulation Z, which implements the Truth-In-Lending Act. BrokeredIn™ Platform is not a lender, rather a financial tool platform, that helps real estate and financial professionals to improve their performance in terms of capital expansion network, analytics, presentation, and execution.


The information provided by this software is intended for illustrative purposes only. Any of the Lenders participating in our platform shall be under no obligation to fund any loan to the borrower unless and until it is satisfied with its due diligence review in its sole judgement and formal loan underwriting and a review of all required documents has been executed and delivered.


In reference to licensing, there are only a few lenders that require license, below you will find the states that require licenses in order to originate residential investments and commercial mortgages are:


The state of California requires a license to transact business loans. This is from the best of our knowledge we recommend that you check with your state in order to originate any type of loans.