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The capacity to translate vision into reality.

Peter Bieda

President & CEO

Peter is the President and Chief Executive Officer and principal of BrokeredIn, he is the driving force behind the company, focused on the development of software, production, and sales.

Darren Herringshaw


With over 20 years of experience in the sales and marketing, he is a strong team builder with a history of managing different facets of different commercial companies. Darren as a COO and principal directs BrokeredIn operationally and guides customer service and support with the same sharp acumen utilized to drive growth through marketing and sales.

Leonardo Padron-Hermes

Creator & Chairman of the Board

Leonardo is the creator of BrokeredIn. After many years of leadership in Metwest funding over $3 Billion in loans, now he is bringing a software platform that will disrupt the origination of commercial lending marketplace.

Isidoro L. Riguero

Chairman of the Board

Isidoro (Izzy) is the co-creator of BrokeredIn. Bringing to the platform over 25 years in banking and finance, extensive knowledge of underwriting, funding and fund management, controlling $500 Million portfolio's fund.

Kathleen De La Rosa

Director / Graphic Design and Digital Marketing

Kathleen is a Director and a principal that specializes in web development and Social Media Marketing. Her knowledge covers from the web and graphic design to the creation of visual content and social strategy for social media.

Michael Sacks

Legal Advisor

Michael is the general counselor for BrokeredIn, he is responsible for all legal issues of the firm. Mr. Sacks is also a partner of Brush & Sacks, a bi-coastal law firm based in Miami, Florida and Beverly Hills, California.