BrokeredIn is an easy-to-use, state of the art loan origination platform that allows brokers, realtors, residential bankers and other professionals to originate live quotes on commercial, residential investment and business loans.

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Capacity to translate vision into reality.

Peter Bieda

Chief Executive Officer & CTO

Peter is a Principle and serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer for BrokeredIn, he is the driving force behind the company continuously focused on production and the development of our software. Peters guidance keeps BrokeredIn ahead of the curve with our competition ensuring the latest technology and automation is at the forefront of our product. Peter holds a B.A. and M.A. degree in software development from DePaul University and experienced in commercial and residential lending.

Leonardo Padron-Hermes

Creator & Chairman of the Board

Leonardo is the founder, creator and Managing Director of BrokeredIn with numerous accomplishments in business and recognized as a leader in commercial real-estate origination. With his many years of leadership while at Metwest the company funded over $3 Billion in loan origination through his direction and guidance and was directly responsible for creating proprietary technologies that propelled them to their success. Leonardo is now bringing his latest innovation in CRE finance to an industry lagging far behind in automated loan origination with his state-of-the-art software platform sure to disrupt commercial lending marketplace: BrokeredIn.

Isidoro L. Riguero

Chairman of the Board

Isidoro (Izzy) is the co-creator of BrokeredIn. Bringing to the platform over 25 years in banking and finance, extensive knowledge of underwriting, funding and fund management, controlling $500 Million portfolio's fund.

Michael Sacks

Legal Counsellor

Michael J. Sacks (University of Southern California, Pepperdine School of Law), a former partner of Brush & Sacks is a Junior Partner and responsible for all legal matters of BrokeredIn. His firm is considered a prototype for the modern, boutique transactional and litigation firm with an emphasis on areas of specialization on corporate, business, contract, intellectual property, and entertainment law. Michael is affiliated with some of the best lawyers within their specialized fields throughout the states of Florida, California, and New York. He has been a licensed member in California for nearly 3 decades and Florida for nearly 25 years, including a member of the Federal Courts of these states.

Kathleen De La Rosa

Director, Graphic and Web Design

Kathleen is a Junior Partner and serves as Marketing Director for BrokeredIn, she specializes in graphic design and digital marketing. Kathleen is directly responsible for all digital media, growth and works closely with Mr. Bieda on BrokeredIn’s SEO and Social Media presence. Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Communication Degree and also does front-end programming for BrokeredIn. Kathleen has over 5 years of experience in the digital arts and specializes in digital media.

Isabel Najul

Marketing Executive

Isabel serves as Marketing Executive for BrokeredIn , from video editing to social media management, her main function is to help Mrs. Kathleen in various activities specific to the area of design and advertising of the company. Isabel is a trusted professional, with a range of skills and provides important support for all the parts of our comprehensive marketing efforts.