BrokeredIn is an easy-to-use, state of the art loan origination platform that allows brokers, realtors, residential bankers and other professionals to originate live quotes on commercial, residential investment and business loans.

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Our lender's portfolio provides brokers and professionals with key information about your company, history and performance as well as knowledge about your programs, specific guidelines of each product and required documentations at the time of submission..

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Performance is rated in terms of speed, service and product opinion.

BrokeredIn subscribers have the ability to rate each Lenders performance in terms of speed, service and their individual opinion of products making this platform a neutral playing field for you to compete with other lenders in your niche markets.

Each rating is reviewed by BrokeredIn management to be sure they are fair and represent an accurate illustration of each transaction. Any rating given less than 3 stars is brought to the Lenders attention to allow the Lender a response to the negative rating or have it removed if not accurate.

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All loans requests received from BrokeredIn have been processed through our analytics portal that measures and illustrates credit and cash flow using proprietary algorithms giving lenders a better understanding of each transaction.

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Review requests faster with professional Loan Summaries.

BrokeredIn’s automated origination process allows every seat holder from the most experienced to the new originator the ability to submit professional quality Loan Summaries with every file.

The platform sets minimum mandatory levels for preliminary documentation needed to submit requests and through automation build loan summaries that include:

  • Most key financial measures used to approve loan requests
  • A short write up on the transaction
  • Key information on the borrower, the subject property and their company
  • Pictures, Google Map of location and more…

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Automated broker agreements signed by the borrower.

Beyond the platform pre-qualifying borrowers it will also create a the broker's fee agreement automatically.



All communications use 256bit SSL Security.
All documents are encrypted before stored for safe keeping.

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