BrokeredIn is an easy-to-use, state of the art loan origination platform that allows brokers, realtors, residential bankers and other professionals to originate live quotes on commercial, residential investment and business loans.

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BrokeredIn Platform is a Financial Technology Company

We focus in providing capital solutions to loan originators in the commercial mortgage lending space. The platform makes the entire process smarter, faster and efficient. The software includes, capital access, pricing engine, analytics, risk assessment, underwriting portals and much more.

The idea of a software-platform was conceived and created by Leo Padron back in 2009 right after the recession. Mr. Padron used to be the owner and CEO of one of the most successful commercial lender in the country called Metwest.

Metwest funded more than $3 Billion in small-balance commercial real estate loans...


Knowledge . Experience . Performance

Metwest was a national leader in the small balance commercial real estate lending arena. In 1999 Metwest led the market as the premier small-balance correspondent lender funding more than $3 Billion in small balance commercial real estate loans. The market has completely changed since 2009, particularly in the secondary market.

Now in today's world, brokers, bankers and other CRE professionals must diversify their income silos with ancillary opportunities outside of their core business strategy. BrokeredIn allows for this, making commercial real estate and business lending a realistic and profitable revenue stream for any CRE professional with light to no accounting or lending background.


Over the last decade technology has evolved at a break-neck pace, causing today's real estate investors the need to be proficient with the latest technology in automated real estate lending & finance – Think Lending Tree & E-Trade. This familiarity with the latest tech has dramatically impacted the real estate lending landscape predominantly in owner occupied residential and business lending.

Because of the complexity in CRE lending this technology has been slow to catch on in this area until now. As an innovator and industry leader, Mr. Padron has again created change and disrupting the CRE marketplace with BrokeredIn. Commercial real estate has been upgraded as of today and now moving to a completely automated origination process made for the most seasoned CRE professional but easy enough to use for the novice looking to get started.



Metwest has always worked exclusively with small and mid-size mortgage brokerage companies, primarily commercial & residential bankers and realtors. As a billion dollar top originator we understand what the challenges and difficulties are that exist to be successful in this business.

Trusted Experts

The BrokeredIn principals have been involved in the commercial real estate industry for over 25 years as top originators, underwriters, managers and loan funders.

A Proven Track Record

Since 1999, our founder has had a proven track record of turning small mortgage brokerage business into cash cows, by closing with those brokers over $3 billion in commercial mortgage loans.

Hard Work & Dedication

Through years of dedication, persistence and real-world experience, we have developed a better and more efficient way to originate commercial, residential investment, and business loans. We’ve made the process simple, but dynamic with custom made algorithms that analyze and present all key financial measures in a concise way that helps you close more loans.


Easy Setup & Maintenance

Setting up your company is quick and easy with our advisory and support staff always available for help. We’re constantly updating our database with current loan data, giving you the most current and accurate information available. Every aspect of the software has been customized to meet the lending needs of your company.

Product Management

We are constantly searching for new lenders and adding new loan programs to the platform.


BrokeredIn™ is a web-based platform located in the cloud so there is no hardware or software to maintain or install onsite with your company.


To serve and empower our customer base, surpass expectations and consistently challenge the status quo. To provide our subscribers with the latest cutting-edge technology and conduct business with integrity, honesty, and professionalism in an effort to continuously elevate our the BrokeredIn brand and our users experience.

Fiduciary to Our Clients

Our seat holders interest always comes first for us, each subscriber is unique and presents an opportunity for growth as we continually strive to fulfill their goals and their commitments.

Passionate About Performance

We are passionate about our work and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels.

Industry Innovators

We are continuously reinventing ourselves and always adapting to an ever-changing industry. We are the industry's innovators and are consistently investing in technology to improve our product.