The Origination Platforms BrokeredIn, is an easy-to-use, state of the art platforms that allows brokers, realtors, residential bankers and professionals to originate live quotes on commercial mortgages, residential investment and business loans.

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Knowledge . Experience . Performance

Metwest has been a national leader in the small balance commercial real estate lending arena. Since 1999 we have led the market as the premier small-balance correspondent lender funding more than $3 Billion in small balance commercial real estate loans. After 2009 the market completely changed, particularlly in the secondary market. In today's world, brokers, bankers and professionals have to diversify their lending portfolio and methods of operation in order to be successful and revenue competitive.


Over the last decade, technology has evolved at a break-neck pace. Today's real estate investors are proficient at using technology and platforms, mostly for residential (owner occupied properties) and business loans. This familiarity with the latest tech has dramatically impacted the real estate lending processes. Behavior patterns are spreading into the commercial real estate (CRE) arena. As such, CRE lending has to upgrade in order to effectively compete. As an industry leader Metwest has done just that, by introducing BrokeredIn™, a new standard origination platform.



Metwest has always worked exclusively with small and mid-size mortgage brokerage companies, primary residential bankers and realtors, — therefore as a top originator we understand what the challenge, and difficulties are to be successful in this business.

Trusted Experts

Metwest, is comprised of a team of experienced specialists with an integrated approach. Long before they became advisors, our team members were gaining.

Proven Track Record

Since 1999, our company has had a proven track record of turning small mortgage brokerage business into cash cows, by closing for those brokers over $3 billion in commercial mortgage loans.

Dedication & Hard Work

With years and years of hard work and proven experience, dedication, and persistence, we have developed a better Originating System. Simple to use but with all the key financial insights, embeded with custom-made-algorithms, giving you the power to close more loans.


Easy Setup & Maintenance

Setting up your company is quite easy and our advisory and support staff is always there to help. Every aspect of the software is customized to meet the exact needs of your company. We constantly update our database with the actual information, giving you the most current and accurate information available.

Product Management

We are always in constant search for new lenders and loan programs to add to our platfform.


BrokeredIn™ is a cloud-web-based platform. There is no hardware or software to maintain or install at your company.

Real-time Dashboards

When a user logs into the BrokeredIn™ Platform, the very first thing that they see is their individual performance dashboard. This shows their production, pipeline and profitability over time. Simply providing this level of visibility and focus affects behavior and improves performance dramatically by motivating the users.

LoanTrackin Portal

Do you currently have visibility of your pipeline? Do you know exactly the status of each loan and what are the actual pending conditions for each one? Our platform provides real-time visibility into each of your loans.


To serve and empower our customer base, surpass expectations and consistently challenge the status quo. To provide the latest technological platforms and conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and professionalism thus continually elevating out BrokeredIn brand.

Fiduciary to Our Clients

Our member's interest comes first. For us, each member is unique and presents an opportunity for growth. As such, we continually strive to fulfill their goals and commitments.

Passionate About Performance

We are passionate about our work and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels.

Industry Innovators

We continuously reinvent ourselves and adapt to an ever changing industry. We are industry's innovators and consistently invest in technology thus always improving ourselves.